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XIth Congress AIECM3 on
Medieval and Modern Period
Mediterranean Ceramics

October 19-24, 2015 Antalya

In 1978, the University of Aix-en-Provence and CNRS took the initiative to bring researchers together in Valbonne France, researchers, who at this time were concerned with Medieval pottery of the Western Mediterranean. The success of this initiative within scientific circles led, firstly, to guarantee the publication of the Congress’ minutes, which were transformed into a compulsory reference for researchers specialized in this area, and to the creation of the international association for the study of Medieval pottery in the Mediterranean (AIECM2), with the aim of promoting investigation and organizing international congresses. 

From 1995, the conferences took on new strength with the broadening of the area of activity to include the Eastern Mediterranean, leading to the incorporation of researchers from a larger number of countries.

Association Internationale pour l'Etude des Céramiques Médiévales et Modernes en Méditerranée (AIECM3), is an international association dedicated to the study of Medieval pottery of the Mediterranean. Its main aim is the promotion of dialogue and the sharing of experiences and knowledge amongst researchers working in this area. The work of the association has been essential for new achievements and significant reflections about history of pottery. The International Congresses on Medieval Ceramics in the Mediterranean are organized by AIECM3 in partnership with the local institutions of the countries where each one of the congresses are held approximately every 3 years.


The Eleventh Congress on Medieval and Modern Period Mediterranean Ceramics of AIECM3 to be held for the first time in Turkey will be organised by Vehbi Koç Ankara Research Center - VEKAM (vekam.org.tr) of Koç University and will be held at the research institute, Suna-İnan Kıraç Research Institute on Mediterranean Civilisations-AKMED of Koç University in Antalya/Turkey between 19-24 October 2015. (akmed.kaleicimuzesi.com/en/)

The Congress proposes to make an introduction and an overview of research conducted specifically in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. This will expose the state of research that has multiplied in recent years in the field of medieval and modern period archaeological studies showing new results from random and systematic discoveries to excavation of shipwrecks, ceramic kilns, workshops and various productions are also regularly unearthed, which testify to the presence and the superposition of different temporary and sedentary civilizations in the Middle East and Anatolia. Architectural ceramics mainly tiles is an urban monumental decoration of importance, sharing techniques and themes with their equivalents in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. Consequently, imports and exports of ceramic show not only trade routes, but also transfer of taste between different civilizations. 

As a result: The International Committee of the AIECM3 during its meeting in Montpellier, November 20, 2014, decided on the six following themes for the Congress in Antalya: “Ceramics in Wrecks and Underwater Discoveries”, “Architectural Ceramics”, “Kilns, Workshops and Productions”, “Pottery in Anatolia (from the Byzantine period until the Ottoman period)”, “Import / Export” and “New Discoveries”.