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Themes | Kongre


T1-Ceramics in Wrecks and Underwater Discoveries

Discoveries in the wrecks are generally left as isolated studies within the general scientific research and publications on ceramics. During building constructions and municipal infrastructural works ceramics are unearthed randomly; but can reveal important information if they can be studied in context of urban consumption. Conversely, underwater discoveries often provide a snapshot of associations of production for import or export as well as pottery used daily by sailors. These ceramic lots provide us with important information about chronotypologies and trade flows.

T2-Architectural Ceramics

Architectural ceramic decoration (glazed brick, mosaic-tiles,tiles, bacini) in different regions of the Mediterranean at different periods will be included in the program of the congress.

T3-Kilns, Workshops and Productions

Archaeological excavations constitute the essential source of information for the study of ceramics throughout the Mediterranean. In the context of this congress, it is important to discern the historical developments and possible relationships that can exist between the various workshops, both in manufacturing techniques, the nature of new products, or the transfer of know-how that can highlight both the relations between the hinterland of the Mediterranean region, such as Iran as well as those between different regions of the Mediterranean itself.

T4-Pottery in Anatolia
(from the Byzantine period until the Ottoman period)

The Medieval period of Anatolia is a time of great demographic and cultural change. Various kingdoms and communities have lived or have succeeded in Anatolia and left their mark. (Byzantine, Seljuk, Armenian, Georgian, the Venetian and Genoese colonies, Syriac populations, Umayyad, Abbasid, various Arab dynasties of Syria and Iraq, the invasion of the Mongols and Timurids, different Pre-Seljuk dynasties, Seljuks and post Seljuks, the Crusaders , the Ayyubids, the Mamluks, the Knights of Rhodes, the Ottomans, etc.)

T5-Import / Export

Imports and exports of pottery and tiles in medieval and modern times will be included in the program of the congress. It will be interesting to try to see, in the context of imports / exports, the relationship between the quality of ceramics exchanged according to the demand of the social classes and their consumption habits. Similarly, the stylistic influences that can result from these imports and exports between the various regions of the Mediterranean is still a subject of research rewarding to discover.

T6-New Discoveries

Results of new research and discoveries will highlight workshops or unknown productions, new technics and/or technology transfer.